School teachers

School is the most important place for comprehensive and continuous fostering of giftedness and excellence. The relevant fields of activity are various: They range from school development to creating talent-friendly learning arrangements in class up to identifying and promoting talents of individual students.

School teachers are the main agents at school and play a key role as the first contact person in gifted education and the promoting of excellence. The OEZBF has worked out relevant activities and publications (overview) for school teachers to support their work.

mBET – multi-dimensional talent support tool

The multi-dimensional talent support tool (mBET) supports school teachers in identifying and promoting talent. This tool enables teachers to recognize and promote pupil’s (aged 7−12) gifts and talents as well as identify personal characteristics and environment factors relevant for the development of gifts and talents. By facilitating support-oriented round-table talks, the mBET helps teachers, parents and students to develop individually tailored talent development programs, taking into consideration both talents and other factors relevant for successful gifted education.

Detailed information about mBET

The OEZBF offers workshops for teachers teaching them methods for gifted education within the classroom in order for them to create a talent friendly learning environment.

In the workshop strategies of gifted education are discussed and ways of promoting talent shown. After the first workshop, the participants try out these strategies in their classrooms and reflect on them in a follow-up-workshop.

University of Education –Further education courses

Universities of education in Austria offer further education courses on gifted education and talent support.


You will find more information about further education courses on the respective websites of the universities of education:

University of Education of Lower Austria


University of Education of Upper Austria

University of Education of Salzburg


Private University College for Teacher Education of Christian Churches –KPH Vienna/Krems


University of Education of Upper Austria


Master’s course: Begabungs- und Begabtenförderung mit dem Fokus auf Heterogenität und Inklusion


Institution TIBI of KPH Wien/Krems

Master’s course : BEGABUNG-PERSON-POTENTIAL Werteorientierte Begabungs- und Begabtenförderung


Institution TIBI of KPH Wien/Krems

Master’s course: Pädagogik der personorientierten Begabungsförderung