University teachers

University teachers have many opportunities when it comes to promoting excellent students, e.g. by creating talent-friendly learning arrangements. Also mentors turn out as especially valuable by supporting students on their way to excellent achievement.

To inform university teachers about ways of promoting talent and to support them in their role as a talent supporter and promoter of excellence, the OEZBF offers two workshops for university teachers.

With the module „Gifted education and promoting excellence at universities“, the OEZBF offers a workshop for all universities in Austria. The workshop is aimed at university teachers who want to focus on concrete ways for promoting excellent students at university.


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Implementation of mentoring courses at universities

Mentoring is an effective way of supporting university students on their way to excellence achievement. That’s why the OEZBF wants to motivate universities to implement mentoring courses. The OEZBF has expertise in the planning, realization and evaluation of mentoring projects in theory and practice.

Within the workshop „Implementation of mentoring courses at universities“, universities are supported by working out concepts and ways of implementation.

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