Universities are the ideal place for promoting excellence. The OEZBF offers counsel to universities that like to create challenging opportunities for gifted and motivated students, so they can develop their potential into achievement.


Offers from the OEZBF


  • Counselling in the planning and implementation of support programs for gifted students
  • Special workshops
    • Workshop „Gifted education and promoting excellence at universities“
    • Workshop „Implementation of a mentoring course “
  • Evaluation of gifted programs
  • Expertise as a member of the European Honors Council
    • The EHC is a new European network around the subject of talent development in European higher education. In the network, people gather who are involved in or interested in offering special programs for talented students in higher education (often known as honors programs). Networking, sharing and exchanging knowledge and learning from each other are key elements for the EHC.

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