Scientific studies

The OEZBF carries out studies on gifted education and promoting of excellence and/or cooperates with corresponding research projects. The studies predominantly aim at surveying the views on promoting giftedness and excellence in Austria.

In this survey parents were asked about their beliefs and their state of knowledge on giftedness and gifted education in Austria.

In cooperation with the OEZBF the Austrian Institute for Family Studies interviewed parents of children aged 0 to 18 years. The study was financed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Economics.

Main results are described in the following article:  “Begabung aus Elternsicht” in begabt & exzellent 45.

Participation in a cross-national creativity study carried out by Univ.-Prof. DDr. Albert Ziegler (University of Nürnberg-Erlangen)

In a large-scale international survey, the following aspects are being researched in 12 countries (Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, India, Kosovo, Austria, Philippines, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey, USA): creative achievement of students majoring in education, their attitudes about creativity, their experience and personal view about creative teachers.

In Austria, the survey is carried out by Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Roland Grabner (University of Graz) in cooperation with the OEZBF. The following universities take part in the study: University of Graz, University College of Teacher Education of Carinthia, University College of Teacher Education of Upper-Austria, University College of Teacher Education of Styria, Private University of Education Diocese of Linz.

Study about the course of training and career path of Junior Alpbach alumni students.

Junior Alpbach is a special workshop for gifted students, which takes place every year in Alpbach (Tyrol) in the framework of the European Forum Alpbach. Junior Alpbach offers the chance to participate in plenary sessions and workshops of the Forum, learning about complex technologies and their influence on our lives.

The aim of the survey was to analyze the university studies and career paths of Junior Alpbach alumni students. Of particular interest was how the participation of Junior Alpbach influenced the further development of their studies and career paths and if students got the chance, because of their participation, to establish contacts and networks

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Survey of initiatives and measures carried out at Austrian universities

In a survey comprising the Austrian tertiary sector (universities, universities of applied science, universities of education) initiatives and measures in gifted education and the promotion of excellence were evaluated. The findings contributed to a developing a comprehensive strategy for gifted education and the promoting of excellence in the Austrian tertiary sector.

Article Gifted education and excellence in universities in news & science 39

A study on the Big-Fish-Little-Pond-Effect (2005−2011): The study’s objective is to investigate the self-concept of highly gifted pupils in varying learning and support environments, i.e. how do highly gifted pupils perceive themselves in gifted classes, how do they perceive themselves in regular classes? The research work is carried out by Prof. Dr. Francis Preckel (University of Trier) and Dipl.Psych. Christoph Niepel (University of Trier).

Final report and article in news & science 14

Study on Preferred Teachers: Gifted Education – Which Teachers do high achievers prefer? (2008−2009). Research work was carried out by Prof. Dr. Christoph Perleth and Volker Runow (University of Rostock)

Report of the study in news & science 24

A comprehensive compilation of research activities in Austria and an outline of research activities in Switzerland and Germany (2008). A team of researchers, headed by Prof. Dr. Francis Preckel (University of Trier)

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E-Learning and Computer-Aided Design (2004−2006). Research work was carried out by Dr. Günter Maresch (University of Salzburg) and Prof. Dr. Christoph Perleth (University of Rostock)

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Research project about the situation of awareness and implementation of skipping grades (2000). Research work was carried out by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Oswald (University of Vienna).

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