The main research activities of the OEZBF are:

  • Evaluation of our projects to ensure quality assurance
  • Converting relevant research findings into practice
  • Participation, initiation and cooperation in scientific studies, which analyze the effectiveness and sustainability of talent support methods and/or examine important theoretical foundations of giftedness research
  • Stimulation of further research in the area more about the OEZBF research mission statement


Our accompanying research aims at ensuring quality assurance of our projects and especially at:

  • Analyzing and developing methods for promoting talent and excellence
  • Surveying the effectiveness and sustainability of talent support programs
  • Designing instruments and material of pedagogical diagnostics
  • Accompanying research of professionalization of teachers

Evaluation about the talent support program in a rural region of Salzburg – for more information klick here.

mBETplus is a flexible tool for individual talent development for students aged 12 years and older. The support talks in mBETplus focus on strengthening relevant meta-competencies and self-responsibility of young people for their own development.