School as a central place of education reaches every child and young person. In a school that has a learning environment which promotes talent and excellence they can discover their talents and interests and strengthen them.

In order to enable further development and organisation of a talent-friendly learning environment at school, a wide-ranging school development process is required.


We support school development processes through:

  • Counselling and support
  • Training courses
  • Evaluation
  • Handbooks and guidelines



Are there any quality criteria and fields of activity for talent supporting schools?

In „School development through fostering giftedness and excellence. Milestones and goals” the OEZBF defines quality criteria for fostering talent and excellence and describes eight fields of activity:

  • A school culture that promotes gifts and talents as well as gifted students
  • Coordination of talent support initiatives and projects
  • Pedagogical diagnostics and counselling
  • Holistic approach to talent support
  • A marking system and feedback culture that is oriented on strengths
  • Teacher professionalisation
  • Cooperation with other education institutions
  • Quality development



How could a school development like this be implemented step by step?

The publication „Giftedness develops school and education. Handbook school development for talent support” offers suggestions and recommendations:

For more information -> Handbook (