Ways of promoting talent

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mBETplus – talent coaching for young people (age12+)

With mBETplus the OEZBF developed a coaching concept for the guidance of adolescents from 12 year on. The method is a solution-oriented conversation between Coach and Coachee, based on conversation and reflection materials.

Summer Schools abroad

Helps students to navigate the university application process in summer schools abroad.

mBET – Multi-dimensional tool for talent development

The multi-dimensional tool for talent development supports teachers in their holistic education of a child.

Summer Academies

Summer academies are intended to widen the learning opportunities in various special fields and should develop joined-up thinking

Children’s Universities

Children's universities are offered all over Austria and are adressed to children in the age between 7 and 12 years. Some universities also offer events for teenagers.

Pupils Attending University

This programme enables pupils to attend lectures at Austrian universities.

Olympics / Contests

Contests and Olympics serve to identify high ability in children and to promote it efficiently at an early stage.

Junior Alpbach

Every year the village of Alpbach (Tyrol) hosts an international conference on the latest developments in technology.

FFG Support Measures

The FFG is the national Austrian Research Support Agency. It supports Austrian companies, research institutions and researchers by funding projects, by offering a wide range of services and support schemes and by promoting Austrian interests at a national and an international level.