Our Philosophy


Every human being has the right to develop their gifts and talents. This contributes to their personal development and happiness from which the whole of society will profit.


Fostering giftedness and excellence creates opportunities for everyone

The goal of promoting talent is to support the development of potentials in all children and youth in the best possible way. Promoting excellence builds on talent support by supporting young learners who have already shown their talent in a given domain to extend and perfect their achievements. The promotion of talent and the promotion of excellence depend on and complement each other, the first striving to foster abilities in all people while the latter aims at responding adequately to the needs of the highly gifted and talented


Talent development concerns us all

Each individual shares responsibility for developing their talents. Society supports the individual by showing understanding and providing promotion. Gifts and talents are not immutable but develop dynamically throughout one’s life. They do not unfold by themselves, but need to be fostered – so talent support always helps!

The early nurturing of potentials is crucial to children’s best possible development. However: Challenge them, but don’t over-challenge them! Because “grass does not grow faster if you pull on it”. (African proverb). Creating supportive learning environments however is beneficial, effective and sustainable.

Fostering gifts and talents means supporting learners to acquire knowledge and competencies, and to develop their personality through inclusive as well as separative activities. Giftedness is more than just intelligence. Non-cognitive personality features such as motivation, self-confidence, self-direction and a supportive learning environment are of central importance for talent development.


Talent support and fostering excellence in every educational institution

Promoting one’s individual gifts and interests needs to be available for everybody. That’s why we advocate systematic talent and excellence support in every educational institution. The important thing is: Achievement should be appreciated and not be a taboo.