The OEZBF is a member of the European Talent Support Network, the European Honors Council and the International Panel of Experts for Gifted Education (iPEGE).

The EHC is a new European network around the subject of talent development in European higher education. In the network, people gather who are involved in or interested in offering special programs for talented students in higher education (often known as honors programs). Networking, sharing and exchanging knowledge and learning from each other are key elements for the EHC.

The EHC has launched the Journal of the European Honors Council, which has published three issues since its start in 2017. In addition, the EHC newsletter archive is now online.


Contact person at OEZBF:

Mag. Dr. Astrid Fritz

Commissioner Research and International Affairs at the EHC

+43 662 439581-318



June 2016. F.l.t.r.: Astrid Fritz, Christian Fischer, Ron Weerheijm, Pieter Veenstra, Marca Wolfensberger, Nils O. Andersen, Marleen Eyckmans, Maarten Hogenstijn.

More information on the website:

IPEGE is an association of experts with experience over many years in gifted education and research. The members of the international study group are representatives of universities and universities of education from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria as well as representatives of the OEZBF.

This panel is managed and coordinated by the OEZBF.


Further informationen: iPEGE homepage