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mBETplus – talent coaching for young people (age12+)

With mBETplus the OEZBF developed a coaching concept for the guidance of adolescents from 12 year on. The method is a solution-oriented conversation between Coach and Coachee, based on conversation and reflection materials.


Individual coaching for:

  • performance and excellence
  • includes consideration of meta-competencies
  • process of setting goals and continuous reflection
  • solution-oriented conversation, coaching
  • conversation and reflection materials for Coachee and Coach
  • focus: self-responsible Coachee

The focus should always be on the active and self-responsible Coachee, who wants to actively develop his abilities.


It should support adolescents

  • on their way to performance and excellence
  • Includes consideration of meta-competencies
  • In the process of setting goals – continuously reflecting them and if needed adapting/changing them

The Coach doesn‘t give fixed answers or solutions but helps the Coachee in finding her/his individual ones.

The qualification as mBETplus Coach takes place as modular training. The target groups are Consultants, Coaches und Experts in gifted education.

For further information about mBETplus-Coach please contact Dr. Johanna Stahl (johanna.stahl@oezbf.at).